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Overcoming Depression with Hypnotherapy

There is a misconception that generally characterises depression by a consistent feeling of being low and sad. Life can deal blows to us all that makes us feel 'down' or ‘miserable’ but depression is often a feeling of that has no rational explanation.

People who experience depression may be able to rationalise why they feel depressed, for example because they have low self-esteem, but again, there is the question of why they have the low self-esteem and so on. Depression can also be triggered by life events, but sometimes, for some of us, it just not that easy to lift ourselves out of that situational depression. Symptoms of depression generally cause a negative impact in physical activity, general attitude, and overall emotions, resulting in a downward spiral.

Physical effects of depression

Sleep patterns become erratic - poor sleep or oversleeping generally
Loss of energy, general fatigue, and lowering if sex drive
Headaches and other pains are commonly experienced

Depression affects overall attitude to life

Lack of interest in usually enjoyable life experiences
Difficulty in decision making
Neglecting responsibilities
Damaging careers

Depression affects emotional well being

Feelings of irritability, pessimism, hopelessness, guilt, emptiness etc
Feelings of wanting to end it all
Feelings of worthlessness
It damages relationships

Treatment of depression with Hypnotherpy

Depression is often the result of a complex of feelings and occurs when an overwhelming sense of hopelessness occurs by believing that 'things will never change'. These can be successfully addressed using the tried and trusted techniques of the highly respected Dr Michael Yapko, specialist in treating depression.

Would you like help in overcoming Depression?

Do you want to live free of this dark, debilitating, weight of hopelessness?

Feel free to get in touch with me to arrange for a free, confidential, no obligation consultation, so that we can discuss your specific needs further. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you live life to the full.

In 1999, the World Health Organisation declared depression to be the fourth most common debilitating condition and that it will be second most by 2020.