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How did Pippa Funnel become the only person ever to win the Rolex Grand Slam of eventing?

How did Louis Oosthuizen go from a 100-1 unknown, no-hoper to winning the 2010 British Open Golf Championship?

How did 50 Cent go from being a small time loser in prison to being a successful musician and businessman?

Tony Blair


Lisa Minelli


50 Cent


Heston Blumenthal

Michelin Starred TV Chef

Pippa Funnel

Olympic Eventing Horserider

Robbie Williams


Euan McGregor


Bill Gates

World’s Richest Businessman

Oprah Winfrey

TV Presenter/Businesswoman

Ian Woosnam

Champion Golfer

Valentino Rossi

7 Times World MotoGP Champion

Steve Backley

Olympic Medallist Athlete

Louis Oosthuizen

Champion Golfer


Multi-National Global Corporation

Barack Obama

US President

Tiger Woods

World Champion Golfer

They all use NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques!

What do all these Top Performers have in common?

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