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Hypnotherapy & NLP

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Investing in Yourself

Your first 30 minutes consultation is free!

A standard consultation is £60 per hour

The first full session will last around 90 minutes. This involves us discussing your reasons for seeking therapy and identifying any specific objectives or goals you have.

You will then experience hypnosis as I talk you into a deep state of relaxation.

Each hypnosis session is tailored to your personal needs, and involves making carefully chosen positive suggestions to your subconscious mind as you relax.

The session concludes as I count you slowly back to full alertness.

We will then reflect on your experience, plan any further treatment sessions required and discuss possible homework to make the treatment as effective as possible.

Subsequent sessions usually last around an hour.

Each session includes a free CD, and free brief telephone support.

Home Visits

In special circumstances you can receive therapy in your own home, provided you have a quiet, comfortable space that is free from interruption.

Travel is free within 10 miles of Wilson. For over 10 miles, mileage will be charged at £0.30 per mile round trip minus the initial 20 miles (for example, a round trip of 150 miles would be 150-20x£0.30 = £39). Where possible, mileage will be quoted in advance.

Travelling time beyond the 10 mile radius will also be charged at a standard rate of £40 per hour.


While sometimes cancellation due to unforseen circumstances (illness etc) is unavoidable, if your cancellation occurs within 48 hours of your scheduled session, I will have to levy a 50% cancellation fee. If it is on the same day, the full fee will be charged.

Stop Smoking Programme £250

This includes 2 full 2 hour sessions, 2 free CDs, free brief telephone support and a follow up booster session 6 months later, if desired.

Performance Coaching (including Sports & Golf)  £80 per hour

Achieve your potential, Boost your performance, Knock points off your handicap, Ace that presentation, Wow them on stage.

Includes a free CD, and free brief telephone support.

  Telephone: 01332 865917       Mobile: 07973 629743         Email: bryan@mindover.co.uk