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Overcome exam/driving test nerves

Study for exams and actually taking exams can for many people be an extremely harrowing experience. There is so much emphasis on education and grades in today's society, that exams and the worries that come along with them (being judged by others, failing, etc.) are becoming increasingly more prevalent.

Some people have a tendency to become very anxious when in any kind of situation where they feel they are being judged, but some just become particularly anxious when under exam conditions.

It's very common these days for other pressures to exist when studying for exams. Commonly, students who have trouble supporting themselves at University may not be feeding themselves properly or indeed be having sufficient sleep. Over an extended period of time, this can lead to quite serious problems and extreme levels of anxiety.

Master your pre-exam and exam nerves  

Let exam nerves be a thing of the past and allow yourself to face even the toughest of exam conditions feeling relaxed, calm and self-assured.

Lower your internal level of anxiety – By lowering your internal levels of anxiety not only will studying and taking exams be a great deal easier, so will every aspect of your life!

Increase your presence of mind – be "in the moment" – Being "in the moment" will allow you to focus 100% of your concentration on the job at hand, allowing you to perform at your very best when it counts.

Remove irrational fears that become obstacles to your success – By removing worry about what might or might not happen before or during your exam, you will be able to focus on positive thoughts of how you are going to feel calm and confident, which in turn will lead you to being calm and confident.

Overcome exam nerves / Overcome driving test nerves ... easily!


With hypnotherapy you can master your pre-exam and exam nerves, come out with flying colours and enjoy every part of the study and exam process. You can allow yourself to study for and pass exams to your true potential without the usual stress and anxiety that is commonly experienced with such academic processes.

Would you like help to overcome exam nerves?

Whether you're taking a driving test, GCSE's, A Levels, or some form of higher education such as University Degree, Masters, or are preparing for your PhD viva or driving test, with the help of a skilled practitioner, hypnosis can help you study more efficiently and easily and can drastically reduce pre-exam and exam anxiety. Feel free to contact me so that we can arrange a free consultation with no obligation in order for me to understand your specific needs.